Twinkeltje Opvoedondersteuning

Twinkeltje opvoedondersteuning is a place where parents can seek guidance on their child’s education. Our goal is to help parents’ abilities in raising their children. Questions about parenting are completely normal; everyone experiences doubts about parenting! Together with other parents we search for answers.

We offer a low-threshold range of courses and trainings to strengthen parents’ parenting skills.
The courses are designed for all parents with children aged 0-18  who may need some help.
You can participate in these courses online or in-person. Best of all, all the courses are provided free of charge for residents of Rotterdam!

On this page, you’ll find information about the course Toddler Time. We introduce this program in English especially for international parents with children who are 0 – 2 years. It is on location, allowing you to meet and share experiences with other parents.

Toddler time

“Toddler Time sessions are weekly gatherings where parents can come together to ask questions and receive advice from a professional.
The program spans 10 weeks, covering a range of topics aimed at providing parents with the essential skills and tools they need. These skills and tools are vital for supporting your toddler’s growth during this important phase.

From practical tips to insightful discussions, Toddler Time offers a supportive environment for parents to learn and connect with others facing similar experiences.

“Everyone has parenting skills/tools just like a carpenter has his tools. He must use this tool properly. We all know what happens when a carpenter hits the window with a hammer… it’s actually the same with parenting.”

At Twinkeltje Opvoedondersteuning we assess what a child can and cannot do, as well as what they already understand, helping you in understanding what to expect and anticipate as a parent.

This approach enables the skills we discuss in the training to strengthen your connection with your toddler’s development. As a result, you achieve more balance and create a quieter atmosphere in the house!

For who?
(International) Parents with children aged 0 to 2 years.

Date will be announced soon

Our activities typically take place in convenient locations nearby. We utilize school facilities, the Center for Youth and Family, or a community center. Accessibility and visibility for everyone is very important for us.

The agenda provides an overview of the current training courses available.

How often?
A period of 10 weeks, 1 time a week

Nothing! Participation is free for residents of Rotterdam.

For information and registration: Twinkeltje Parenting Support Telephone: (010) 411 50 43


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Our activities are usually close by. We use a room of a school or at the Center for Youth and Family. Or we’re in a community center. We think it is very important that we are accessible and findable for everyone.

We currently have an online offer and on location. The training courses are for parents with kids between the ages of 0 to 18

The agenda contains an overview of which training courses are currently offered.

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Twinkeltje Opvoedondersteuning is a part of the Van Veldhuizen Stichting

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